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This is a community service of The Villages Gourmet Club (aka The Gourmet In or Out Club) containing unbiased restaurant reviews in central Florida, by club members, without any advertisements. Our purpose is to promote and celebrate good food and exceptional service at reasonable and fair prices. Restaurants listed serve dinner only, unless otherwise stated (such as B/L/D). Fast food establishments are not included. Not every restaurant listed is considered gourmet, however most establishments are famous for at least one specialty. Underlined names are linked to another website containing more information. Videos giving more particulars about the establishment are linked with a Video symbol. Just click on the symbol. Some vintage postcards are also linked to historic videos. Establishments with free WiFi are indicated with a Free WiFi sign. Those offering discounts to AARP members (AARP Card) or Buffalo Card supporters (Buffalo Discount) are noted by those respective symbols also. Establishments that include Calorie Count for each item on their menu are noted with the Calorie Count symbol. You may print out the description of each restaurant with the button, or driving directions with or without a map with the button. In the reviews, Q stands for Food Quality, S for Wait Service and V for Meal Value, all scored 1 to 5 each. "Return" indicates if the reviewer would come back again. The Star Rating is an average of all the review totals. We have a strict rule, only Club Members may submit a review; read the step by step instructions on our Directions Page. Then just click on that listing's button to get started. Make sure your browser preferences are set for "Enable JavaScript" for the buttons to work properly. But Safari browser is not recommended, especially on iPads; use Google Chrome instead for submitting reviews. Now you can search our entire database, just click the Search Our Database button at the bottom of the next window. To read 2006-2017 reviews, position your cursor over "Older Review". Reload the page or relaunch your browser if the older review box misbehaves. Where restaurants have been reviewed at least twice, their average rating is indicated by our STAR SYSTEM, ranging from:

3 Stars to 15 Stars

"I judge restaurants solely by the bread and by the coffee. " - Burt Lancaster.

Our 900 restaurant database is broken down into three pages:
1. Restaurants in The Villages (including Village of Fenney)
2. Restaurants near The Villages (up to a 30 mile drive)
3. Restaurants away from The Villages (up to a 100 mile drive)
4. Search our entire database
• Plus recipes from the club leaders and members too. •

DISCLAIMER and COPYRIGHT: This website is not, per se, an endorsement or criticism of any dining establishment. As such, it does NOT represent the views of the webmaster or the club's leaders. Instead it gives factual information about area restaurants and posts member's individual reviews of their own experiences. Your experience and rating may differ, so we encourage you to patronize the establishment yourself and if you are a club member, write a review so others can share your observations. Photos and video links on this page may not represent the offerings at the adjacent establishment and prices and details may vary. All content Copyright © 2006- The Villages Gourmet Club. All rights reserved. No part may be included in another website or advertisement..