Cajun Blackened Beef Strips
by Chef Don Dunbar

As prepared at the Jan. 8, 2017 Club Meeting. Serves: 8 people. Preparation time: 30-60 min.

Generously season the Steaks on both sides. With plenty of ventilation, heat a cast iron skillet on high heat, add the oil or butter and sear the Steaks a few minutes on each side. Cook one or two at a time, if room permits. Adjust the cooking time for the thickness and doneness desired. Remove from the skillet and let cool. Slice into thin strips or cubes.
Blackened Beef Strips

Sauté the Onions, Peppers, Celery and Garlic in Butter with the Cajun Spices and Oregano. Then cool slightly. In a food processor or blender, add the Tomatoes with the other sautéed Vegetables for a few seconds. Then, in a pan, simmer the mix for an hour on low heat; season to taste with Salt and Pepper. Let cool. Place the simmered sauce in a condiment dish with a dollop of Horseradish in the center. You may also prepare Rice or Pasta for a bed under the Beef Strips to make an appetizer or main dish.

"Cajun" - From the French, for Les Acadiens, a US ethnic group, mostly in Louisiana, consisting of descendants of the exiles from the French speaking part of Eastern Canada. "Creole" - Usually refers to Cajuns of mixed race, especially Afro-American. Cajun Seasoning contains Salt, Black Pepper, Dried Oregano, Paprika and Cayenne Pepper.

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