Bananas Foster Flambé
by Chef Paul Blangé (RIP) of Brennan's Restaurant, New Orleans, LA.

Bananas Foster Flambe Serves: 2. Preparation time: 20 minutes.

• Combine the Butter, Brown Sugar and Cinnamon in a flambé pan. On medium heat, add the Banana Liqueur and stir to combine. Peel a Banana, then cut it lengthwise, then crosswise, making 4 pieces. Cook the Banana in the Butter Sauce until it begins to soften (about 1-2 minutes). On medium heat, carefully add the Rum.
• Within 10 seconds either light the Sauce with an igniter stick or tilt the pan over the burner's flame to ignite the Rum. As it flames, stir to be sure all the alcohol cooks out.
• To assemble the serving, place a scoop of Ice Cream in a deep dish, add two pieces of cooked Banana and top with the warm Butter Sauce from the pan.

"Chef Paul Blangé" (1900-1977) - Paul was born and raised in Holland. He was a pastry chef on an ocean liner at age 18 and jumped ship in New Orleans where he soon got married. He became chef at the Vieux Carré Restaurant in the French Quarter and was retained when Owen Brennan bought it and eventually changed the name to Brennan's Restaurant. Bananas were a big import into the port there. This dish was created in 1951 at the request of Brennan and is still the number one item on their menu. Brennan named the dish after his good friend, Richard Foster. So now you know!

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