Champagne Peach Punch
by Ellen Harcourt

Beverage Crock Punch Bowl Serves: 20 people. Preparation time: 20 minutes.

Peach Punch A day or two ahead, make an Ice Ring with water and fruit, like Peach and Strawberry slices.
(Avoid using ice cubes in the punch; it will dilute the beverage faster than with one Ice Ring.)

Allow the Orange Juice Concentrate to thaw first.
Mix all the liquid ingredients and stir thoroughly in a punch bowl or beverage crock.
Add the Ice Ring and dispense by ladling from an open punch bowl or from the spigot on a beverage crock.
Garnish each glass with Mint, Berry and a Peach Slice.

Peaches - The Peach Tree (Prunus Persica) is native to northern China and is related to the Cherry and Plum. China, not the US, is the largest producers of Peaches. The US is 4th on the list behind Italy and Spain too. Even though our state of Georgia is called "The Peach State", South Carolina, near Gaffney, SC., actually produces twice as many peaches and California, in the San Joaquin Valley, produces 20 times as many as Georgia. The "Peach Melba" (Vanilla Ice Cream with Peaches and Raspberry Sauce) was invented in 1892 by French chef Auguste Escoffier at the Savoy Hotel in London to honor soprano, Nellie Melba (not her real name). About 5 years later, Escoffier did a tribute again with his "Melba Toast", this time.

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