Callaloo Tart
Demonstrated at our Club Meeting on July 3, 2016.
by Chef Don Dunbar

Makes: 12 pieces. Serves: 12 people. Preparation time: 60 minutes.

Make your own with Pie Crust Mix in a muffin pan, covering them with foil and dried beans to prevent them from puffing up. Bake 9 minutes at 425°.

Cook the Callaloo down on medium heat in a covered pan with the Butter. Stir occasionally. Season with Salt & Pepper. Add Thyme, Coconut Milk, Chili and Garlic. Continue to cook for 15 minutes while covered.

Let the filling cool, then fill each Tart Shell equally. Bake for 20 minutes at 350°. Use as a side dish.

"Callaloo" - Originating in West Africa, this leafy vegetable dish is popular all over the Caribbean Islands especially Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago. Traditionally either Amaranth or Taro leaves are used for the main ingredient. Scallions, Coconut Milk or Okra are sometimes mixed with it on different islands. A Callaloo Juice drink and Soup are also found, depending on the island ethnicity. In the US, an African-American version is called Collard Greens.

"Tart" - By definition a Tart is a topless pie, made from a pastry base, filled with meat, eggs, fruit or vegetables, but no top crust. The common Kellogg's Pop-Tart is not a tart at all. The more correct name would be Pop-Strudel !.

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