Deruny (Ukrainian Potato Pancakes)
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Makes: 6 portions. Serves: 6 people. Preparation time: 30 minutes. image

Grate all the Potatoes into a bowl. Mix in the Salt and Pepper. Let stand 10 minutes. Squeeze the liquid out of the Potatoes with a cheesecloth or your hands. Grate the Whole Onion and mix it with the Grated Potatoes. In a separate bowl, open the Egg and scramble it. Mix the Egg into the Potato/Onion mix. Add the Flour, optional Grated Garlic and Herbs, then mix again. The consistency is now a batter.

Heat a large pan on medium-high heat, add 1 T. of Sunflower Oil. Simmer and turn down the heat to medium. Make Potato Cakes of the batter with your hands. Fry a few of the Cakes in the pan for about 3 minutes until brown. Replace the Oil as needed. Turn the Cakes over, reduce the heat to medium-low, cover the pan with a lid, cook for 3-4 minutes more until the second side is brown and the interiors are fully cooked. Do the next batches.

Remove the Cakes and let drain on towel paper if necessary. Serve them family style from a crock or large plate. Allow guest to add as much Sour Cream as they like.

”Deruny” - The word literally means "Dirt Bags" in Russian. It's known has "Draniki" in Belarus, where it might be considered the national dish. Lithuania, Germany, Poland and other cultures enjoy these too.

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