Brooklyn Egg Cream
by The Webmaster

Makes: 1 drink. Preparation time: 5 minutes.

Pour the Chocolate Syrup and Milk into a 16 oz. glass. Beat the liquid with a fork or spoon while slowly filling the glass with the Cold Soda Water. Serve with a straw or drink from the rim to get a brown mustache.

”Egg Cream” - Oddly there is no Egg and no Cream in it. The origin of the term is varied but circa 1885 is the agreed date of first use. It's a Brooklyn tradition and the flavor is that of an Ice Cream Soda, without the Ice Cream. Vanilla or Strawberry flavored ones are possible too. In the 1950s, every soda fountain in Brooklyn could make them. It's served in every Jewish Deli in New York City to this day. Cold Seltzer Water and a vigorous mixing to make the foam is the key. Children love them. The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. in the Villages Crossroads Plaza makes them. The webmaster had one every day getting off the subway, coming home from high school.

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