Florida Mule (MILD or WILD)
by The Webmaster

Makes: 1 drink. Preparation time: 5 minutes.

Fill a Copper Mule Cup (or Old Fashioned Glass) ½ to ¾ with ice cubes. For the regular sharpness (as above), add 3 oz. Whiskey, 1½ oz. Liqueur, 1½ oz. Lime Juice, 3 oz. Ginger Beer and 3 oz. Ginger Ale to the ice and stir. For a MILD taste, eliminate the Ginger Beer but double the Ginger Ale. For a WILD taste, eliminate the Ginger Ale but double the Ginger Beer. This mixture, when stirred, is incredibly cold and refreshing on a hot day. Garnish with a wedge or two of a Lime or Orange and a Sprig of Mint if desired.

”Ginger Beer” - This brewed non-alcoholic carbonated beverage, made from ginger spice, originated in England, and can be found in the grocery store under various brands, like Fever-Tree and Barritt's. Ginger Ale is more well known and a milder taste; it originated in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
"Mule" - This concoction is any Distilled Spirit mixed with a Citrus Juice and Ginger Beer. It is also called a "Buck". The Moscow Mule, based with Vodka, was first made in the Chatham Hotel in Manhattan in 1941. It became very popular during and after the war and there seems to be a wide resurgence today.

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