Fondue in a Bread Boule
by the Webmaster
Inspired by a dish at The Lodge at Columbia Point in Richland, WA.

Fondue in a Bread Boule Serves: 2 people.
Preparation time: 45 minutes.

• Preheat the oven to 350°F. Cut off the top of the bread to make a 4 inch opening in the 6-8 inch loaf. Use a bread knife to cut out the inside of the bread, scoop out the center, making a well but leaving a bread bottom. Cut up the removed bread into bite-sized cubes.
• Combine the Yellow, Parmesan and Cream Cheeses with the Milk, Nutmeg and Wine in a blender or mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly. The mixture should be thick but pourable. Fill the Boules with the Cheese Mixture. Place the filled Boules on a baking sheet. Bake for 15 minutes. Now add the Bread Cubes on the baking sheet and bake both another 10-15 minutes. The Cubes should not be over-cooked, just toasted slightly. For serving, stir the melted cheese, place a Boule, Bread Cubes and Apple Slices (or other fruit or vegetables) on a wooden board and serve while still hot. Long fondue forks are helpful. At the end, if sharp knives are provided, the guest may slice the Boule and enjoy the rest of the cheese saturated bread.

"Fondue" - Actually a French/Swiss dish of dipping bread or other items into a communal hot pot of melted cheese. The Swiss Cheese Union in Switzerland promoted the dish in the 1930s and in the US, it was all the rage in the 1960-70s.
"Boule" - From the French, meaning "Ball", they can be large (1 lb.), for 4-6 people, or small (6-7 oz.) for one person. Typically hard crusted and doughy, they are often make Sourdough style.

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