Florida Sunshine Cocktail
by The Webmaster

Florida Sunshine Cocktail Serves: 1 person. Preparation time: 5 minutes.

Add the Vodka, Schnapps and Cranberry Juice to the empty glass first. Add just 2 Ice Cubes. Stir briefly to chill. Add more ice to fill the glass. Then pour the Orange Juice on top. You'll have a "Sunset Effect" if you don't stir again. Add the Straw and the Orange Slice(s) as garnish.

Stirring after all the ice is added will give it a uniform color instead of the bi-color layers.

Cranberry Juice - Long thought to be beneficial to your urinary tract (and now proved false), cranberries are high in antioxidants. The berries are grown in "bogs" which are flooded only at harvest time. They start off white but ripen to a dark red color. As far back as 1550, Native Americans were harvesting them in North America and called them "bearberries" because the bears loved them. They are mostly grown in New England and Canada but some are grown in Florida too, near Lakeland and Winter Haven. In the US, the leading producer is Ocean Spray, formed as a cooperative in 1930, The official name of the plant is "Vaccinium Oxycoccus".

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