El Santiago "Grouper Fingers"
by the Webmaster. Inspired by chef Brian Webster

Makes: 4 servings. Preparation time: 25 minutes.

This was the most popular dish at the El Santiago Club in The Villages, in its heyday. In a shallow dish mix the Flour and Salt. In a second shallow dish beat the Eggs and Water with a fork. In a large soup bowl add the Corn Flakes and crush them with a wooden spoon until the Flakes are a quarter of their original size. Rinse each Grouper Filet under water, dip it in the Flour, coating the entire surface, then dip both sides in the Egg mixture, then in the Corn Flakes coating all sides and edges. Place each on a large sheet of waxed paper.

In a 12 inch non-stick skillet, heat the Vegetable Oil over medium heat, until hot. Fry each Filet, two at a time, leaving room between them. Cook 3-4 minutes each side, turning once, at medium heat until golden brown. Place the cooked Filets on a serving plate and cook the other two the same way. Serve with a Lemon Wedge, Rice or French Fries and have Tartar Sauce or Malt Vinegar as a condiment, depending on taste. For unique alternatives, try making it with Frosted Flakes or healthier Bran Flakes. The Filets can be deep fried or even baked instead.

"Grouper" - Often thought of as Florida's own fish, Grouper is one of the ugliest swimming creatures in the sea. As Grouper became over-fished and the market price rose substantially, it's now farm raised too. Wild-caught Grouper, a bottom feeder, can have elevated mercury levels, so limiting your consumption is advisable. Most Grouper species mature only as females, and have the ability to change sex after sexual maturity. Commercially they are also known as Atlantic Goliath Grouper and Jewfish. Red Grouper (named because it feeds on shellfish) is slightly sweeter and milder than the Black Grouper. They have a stout body and a large mouth, weighing in the 20-30 lb. range. The largest known Grouper, however, weighed 686 lbs. The six fish for your health are: Albacore Tuna, Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon, Farmed Oysters, Wild Pacific Sardines, Farmed Rainbow Trout and Farmed Coho Salmon. The 6 fish that are relatively unhealthy are: Bluefin Tuna, Chilean Sea Bass, Monkfish, Orange Roughy, Farmed Atlantic Salmon and, you guessed it, Grouper.

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