Jelly Roll Cake
by Dottie Klein

Cake Serves: 10 people. Preparation time: 1 hour.

Separate the 4 eggs into yolks and whites. In a small mixing bowl, beat the egg yolks and vanilla at a high speed until it's a yellow color and gradually add ¼ cup of granulated sugar. Beat until the sugar dissolves. Thoroughly wash the beaters.

In a large mixing bowl, beat the egg whites at medium speed until soft white peaks form. Gradually add ¼ cup of granulated sugar and continue beating until stiff peaks form. Fold in the egg yolk mixture. Stir together the flour, baking powder and salt. Add the dry mix to the egg mixture slowly and gently blend them all together.

Grease and lightly flour a 15X10X1 inch sheet pan. Spread the batter into the pan evenly. Bake at 375° F for 12-15 minutes. When done, remove from oven and immediately loosen the edges of the cake from the pan and turn out onto a towel sprinkled with sifted powdered sugar. Roll the cake with the towel together in the long direction. Let cool on a wire rack.

Unroll the cooled cake. Spread with Strawberry, Cherry, Apricot or your favorite jam. Jellies, puddings or butter creams are an alternate fillings. Spread filling to within 1 inch of the edge. Roll the cake (without the towel) along the long edge again. Slice (as pictured) and serve.

The "Jelly Roll" is known as a "Swiss Roll" in Europe but it originated in Hungary, Germany or Austria, and not Switzerland. Its base is sponge cake and a fruity or chocolate filler rolled together and cut to reveal the distinctive spiral pattern. The best known Chocolate Swiss Rolls in the US are Hostess "Ho-Ho®"s which started in San Francisco in 1967.

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