Phyllo Cups Chocolate Cream Filled
by Lisa Springer

as demonstrated at the March 30, 2024 meeting.

Makes: 30 portions. Serves: 15 people. Preparation time: 10 minutes.
Chocolate Cream Filled Cups

*Popular brand is Athens® Phyllo Shells (15 per package).

In a large bowl, combine the Pudding Mix, Milk and Heavy Cream. Whisk until smooth. Let set for a few minutes. Wash, de-stem and slice the Strawberries in half.

Fill a cake decorating bag with the Pudding Mix. Fill each Phyllo Cup with the Mix. Garnish with a Strawberry Half. Enough for two per guest.

”Pudding” - In the US, "Pudding" means a sweet milk-based dessert like a Mousse. In the UK and some Commonwealth countries, "Pudding" is more savory like Yorkshire Pudding, Black Pudding, Suet Pudding and Steak and Kidney Pudding. Haggis (sheep organs) is a savory popular Pudding in Scotland. Quite a contrast for the same word describing different tastes.

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