Sazerac Cocktail
by The Webmaster

Sazerac Serves: 1 person. Preparation time: 5 minutes.

• One of Rich's favorite cocktails.
• Coat a chilled Old Fashion glass with Absinthe (or Pernod® or Herbsaint® Liquor). In a different glass, muddle the Sugar Cube with both Bitters and Water until the Sugar is dissolved; add Rye Whiskey and some Ice to the Sugar blend. Stir for 2 minutes. Now strain into the first chilled Old Fashioned glass. Twist Lemon Peel over the drink and on the rim to release its oils, then discard the Twist. Can be served in an ice cold Old Fashion glass without Ice (traditional) or "On The Rocks" (modern).

"Sazerac" - This cocktail originated in New Orleans in pre-Civil Wars days. Some say it is the oldest AMERICAN cocktail. All others started in the old world. The rigid preparation is the key here. Two glasses are required. In 2008, Sazerac became Louisiana's official cocktail. Let Pablo Sanchez, the bartender at La Cuisine in Ocala make you one.

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