from the personal recipes of Thomas Pelloschek
Executive Chef, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
(Used by permission.)

Image Serves: 4-6 people. Preparation time: 30 minutes; Chill time: 4 hours.

Brew a small cup of espresso and let it cool or use instant coffee. Using a double boiler system, make a sabayon out of the egg yolks, Kahlua, sugar and the vanilla extract. The volume should double in size. In the meantime, whip up the cold heavy cream until it's firm and forms peaks. Refrigerate it.

Soak the gelatin leaf in a little water and mix into the sabayon. Allow it to cool. Fold the cheese into the sabayon ensuring there are no lumps. Then fold the whipped cream into the mix until it is smooth and mixed thoroughly.

Soak the lady fingers in the Amaretto and espresso. Line up the lady fingers in a tray or mold and spoon half the sabayon over the fingers. Make a second layer of fingers and sabayon. No baking required. Refrigerate for about 4 hours. Before serving, sprinkle chocolate powder over the top, using a sieve.

"Tiramisu" - Italian and translates to "Pick Me Up" or, more literally, "Pull Me Up". The exact origin and date have been argued for some time. Most believe it started in Siena, Italy but not until 1969 or 1982. The original versions had no liqueur, but more recent ones use Rum or even Marsala Wine.
"Sabayon" - Known in many cultures as a mix of egg yolks, sugar and flavoring of strong liqueur or wine. Most Americans would use the term "custard".
"Savoiardi - Italian and means "from Savoy". Light, crisp, sweet, genoise cakes shaped like a finger. The term "ladyfinger" is most likely Anglican or Dutch.

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